Hong Kong and GBA Pay Trend and Pay Level Surveys Revamp
By the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management
  • Joining forces with the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM), Mercer will rejuvenate the Institute’s surveys from 2022 through to 2024.

  • The project scope encompasses two rounds of Pay Trend Survey and one round of Pay Level Survey for this year.

Based on Mercer’s survey review, what are the necessary enhancement that will be made to the survey and report design?

Fung Cheng, Associate Principal, Career Consulting, Mercer and Lily Li, Associate Principal, Rewards Practice Leader, Career, Mercer: We hope that the survey and report design can be presented in a more modernised way as we are stepping into a digitalised online platform.

What is special about the new technology platform? How would you describe the enhanced user experience for survey participants? 

Fung Cheng and Lily Li: This Pay Trend Survey is developed on a secure cloud-based platform where survey participants can view and work on the questionnaire whenever they have access to the internet. They can also save their progress, close the browser and get back to the survey anytime without worrying about loss of data of any completed questions. The platform is both desktop and mobile friendly, giving a seamless experience to users especially during COVID times when people need to work from home and work on different devices from time to time.

What are your aspirations for the partnership between Mercer and the HKIHRM?

Fung Cheng and Lily Li: With the help of technology, we are confident that a lot of steps that were performed manually in the past such as data collection, consolidation, validation, and analysis will be automated, enabling both Mercer and the HKIHRM to turn our focus to providing better data insights and quality services, hence adding values for participants.

How did the partnership between Mercer and the HKIHRM come about? Why is this initiative important to the Institute? 

Senna Cheung, Co-chairperson, Remuneration Committee, HKIHRM: The HKIHRM’s Pay Survey has been one of the most authoritative annual sources of information on pay in Hong Kong since 1978. Incentivising staff to attract, retain, and motivate talents has always been a recurrent challenge faced by businesses in Hong Kong. As the most representative professional human resource body in Hong Kong, we strive for continuous improvement in what we can offer to the HR community. We would like to leverage the expertise and technology of Mercer, one of the world’s leading professional consulting service providers, to enhance our survey platform and customer experience, paving the way for us to extend the coverage of the survey to the Greater Bay Area.

What are the key highlights of the Pay Trend and Pay Level Surveys’ revamp?

Senna Cheung: The key highlights of the revamp include a new online survey platform, simplified questionnaires, streamlined reporting formats with a modern and professional look and feel, and a user-friendly interface that gives participants a seamless experience.

What are your aspirations for the partnership?  

Senna Cheung: With the enhanced features, simplified design and improved customer experience, we can attract more participants to further increase the sample size and representativeness of our pay data, and expand our coverage to the Greater Bay Area in the future. More importantly, we would like to provide more value-added services to help companies and the HR community make better fact-based pay decisions.

How will survey participants benefit from this collaboration?

Senna Cheung: The participants will experience a user-friendly and hassle-free online platform to complete the survey, which will save a lot of time in their busy schedules. The new look and feel of the reports also allow HR practitioners to make more professional presentations to the management.

Hong Kong and GBA Pay Trend and Pay Level Surveys Revamp
PR 30 March, 2022