HR Excellence Awards Winner's Series 2019/20 - Excellent CSR & Sustainability Award
  • To increase the sustainability of their CSR framework, LAWSGROUP has restructured their internal training programmes to foster workplace innovation.

  • Extra efforts and resources are devoted to cultivating talents, who are key to longterm sustainability

How does the “To Build a Better Future” initiative fulfil LAWSGROUP’s core strategic aims of Environment, People, Community, and Future Sustainability?

Sustainability is not only a longterm commitment, but also a growth opportunity. Our top management has demonstrated a strong commitment in implementing new policies on environmental protection, people development, and community engagement. One of the key initiatives was to review and evaluate the performance and achievements in CSR and sustainability of different business units. With facilitation by the Group’s CSRS Committee and team effort, new and clear benchmarks were set for each business unit to further calibrate their sustainability strategies.

People commitment and employee training will continue to be a key initiative to strengthen staff’s awareness and understanding of sustainability. Small measures will be introduced progressively, to ensure all staff are striving for the goal of becoming “consciously reactive” to CSR and sustainability issues. Meanwhile, we implemented “Creating Shared Value” (CSV) in D2 Place and keep exploring new opportunities within our other business streams. Extra effort is committed to promote the concept across the city and the region, as we believe it is only when more corporations adopt CSV that its potential will be fulfilled and long-term sustainability will be achieved.

How has the restructuring of the organisation’s HR strategies and internal training programmes strengthened the sustainability of your CSR infrastructure?

LAWSGROUP considers human capital as our greatest asset and strives to provide the best working environment for our staff. We have restructured our human capital strategy to echo with the company’s vision of innovation. The new framework focuses on workforce planning, talent management, and staff engagement, ensuring it fits the needs and goals of the Group. Today more than ever, staff engagement is critical in strengthening our CSR infrastructure.

Building staff resilience and wellbeing will be our focus in both the short and long terms. We promote both physical and mental health by organising different wellness events. Our HR direction lies in creating a wellbeing culture, making a commitment to wellbeing at the individual, team, and organisational levels, and equipping employees with technology.

We believe the human resources outcome is closely connected to business performance in an organisation. To further implement our human capital strategy effectively across all business units and departments in different countries, Laws Academy was established as a people development platform to provide internal training solutions and team building activities, which promote LAWSGROUP’s corporate culture and values and strengthen internal awareness of sustainability.

We have also utilised various online platforms and provided e-courses and training materials through digitalisation, which has enhanced accessibility for our staff across countries and time zones.

HR Excellence Awards Winner's Series 2019/20 - Excellent CSR & Sustainability Award
PR 11 January, 2022