HR Excellence Awards Winner's Series 2019/20 - Excellent Learning & Development Award
Schindler Lifts (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Schindler Lifts introduced the VR Safety Mindset Training programme to reinforce safety as the organisation’s top priority.

  • The company improves employee engagement and heightens their interest in learning by deploying VR technology.

How has the VR Safety Mindset Training programme enhanced employees’ safety culture and performance?

This is Schindler Lifts’ first VR training programme and one of our safety initiatives implemented over the past few years.

We specifically designed various scenarios in the training that are closely related to staff’s daily tasks and the obstacles they might encounter from day-to-day operation, allowing our participants to immerse themselves in the scenarios, so as to help them understand the importance of putting safety first.

By providing an innovative and interactive platform to our employees, we have a drastic decrease (60%) in mindset-related accidents within a year after the training was launched. The programme is also highly rated among our colleagues.

How does the programme benefit different stakeholders of Schindler Lifts, from your employees to customers?

We aim at delivering a smooth and wonderful experience to our customers, at the same time we need to govern our employees’ safety by enriching their competency at work. The higher the competence that our employees possess, the safer the work they could perform.

Through the training, our employees are more familiar with managing our customers’ expectations, without compromising their own safety. This is an essential communication process that requires our employees to give professional advice to our customers while handling our tasks.

With the improvement in safety performance, our customers in turn could benefit from having an accident-free workplace, and also a reliable and responsible working partner that could provide them with an excellent customer experience.

What are the organisation’s plans in harnessing the latest technological breakthroughs to build your workforce’s competencies?

We are always looking for the latest technologies and innovative ways to tackle and overcome our operational difficulties. Over the years we have introduced the IoT solution in our products, turning data into results and improving the overall performance of our products. IoT empowers data-driven decision making, thereby improving our employees’ overall safety and productivity.

We have also adopted other latest technologies in safeguarding our employees’ safety. Intelligent gadgets such as smart helmets with sensor to detect vital physical metrics, and the 360 camera are used in our workplace. 

HR Excellence Awards Winner's Series 2019/20 - Excellent Learning & Development Award
PR 11 January, 2022