HR Excellence Awards Winner's Series 2019/20 - Excellent Technology Application Provider Award
Find Recruiter
  • Popular for its innovative hiring strategy, Find Recruiter is Hong Kong’s largest recruiter marketplace.

  • Thanks to Find Recruiter’s intelligent recruiter matching, which connects businesses to the right recruiters, Chun Wo Development shortened their hiring time. 

How did the partnership with Chun Wo Development come about?

As part of our business development strategy, we are constantly monitoring popular job boards and looking for employers who are re-posting their jobs. This usually signals they are not satisfied with the (lack of) candidates they have on hand and have an urgency to fill the job opening.

For Chun Wo, we noticed there was an urgency to hire a project manager and reached out to their HR leadership team immediately, explaining how our HR-tech platform works and how we can solve their hiring issues. We helped fill the project manager job opening in less than three weeks and are happy to say that we have been helping them hire other positions from building engineers to general managers over the past two years.

Through the use of Find Recruiter’s intelligent recruiter matching, how did Chun Wo Development reduce their time to hire and save on agency fees?

Our intelligent recruiter matching rates each recruiter based on their performance data. With these ratings, our platform pairs job postings to the right recruiters ready with the right candidates. As we intelligently matched Chun Wo’s project manager job opening with recruiters who have a strong existing network of project managers looking for work, we reduced their time to hire to just 17 days.

As a bounty recruiting platform, employers can “name your price” and set a bounty commission percentage that fits their budget. If there is an urgency, they can set it higher or lower than our recommended rate to fit their hiring budget. As such, Chun Wo managed to save 15% on agency fees using the bounty mechanism compared to their own network of recruiters.

How can Find Recruiter contribute to a more tech savvy recruitment sector?

Our mission at Find Recruiter is to make every business excel at hiring. As a Cyberport incubated company, we are constantly experimenting with new technologies to make this mission come true. However, while technology will speed up hiring processes like matching, we believe at the heart of recruitment will always be the human touch, which requires empathy, relationships, and people.

Blending strong technology with a personal touch offers optimum results and it is a philosophy we will continue to embrace in the recruitment sector.

HR Excellence Awards Winner's Series 2019/20 - Excellent Technology Application Provider Award
PR 11 January, 2022