Interview with Lawrence Hung, President of the HKIHRM
By the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management

 In his new leadership role as President of the HKIHRM, Lawrence Hung will focus on enhancing the membership and stakeholder experience.

 Among his aspirations for the role is increasing collaboration with government departments and bodies, professional associations, and media partners in propelling forward HR standards.

“It is my honour to be elected as President of the HKIHRM. I would like to give special thanks to my fellow Executive Council members, for their unwavering support,” said Lawrence Hung, who served as Vice President of the Institute from 2014 to 2021.

Hung credits the HKIHRM’s past presidents for building a solid foundation through their concerted efforts over the past 45 years. During his tenure, he aspires to train his focus on strengthening the membership and stakeholder experience through the Institute’s daily operation, service offerings, and programmes. “Through heightening the HR sensitivity of our secretariat, a better experience can be provided,” he said.

During his presidency, Hung would endeavour to dedicate himself towards the advancement of ESG through his work with the HKIHRM. He emphasised, “HR is for sure one of the champions to support top management, employees, and investors in this area.” As more statutory guidelines have been formulated for ESG in recent times, he believes that the HR function plays a crucial role in supporting its development through the multiple arenas of stakeholders management, risk assessment and reporting, talent management, data analysis, policy and programme design, KPI and rewards.

In his leadership role, Hung plans to engage the Institute’s committees and taskforces and leverage their expertise more, so that they can offer the HKIHRM’s growing community with more insights on how to elevate the HR profession’s standing. “The strengthening of our committees and taskforces will propel the growth of the Institute,” pinpointed Hung, who thinks that the HR Excellence Awards and international accreditation programmes can also help boost HR practitioners’ influence.

To enhance the HKIHRM’s reach on the advocacy front, Hung hopes that it can proactively respond to government policies and keep the public in the know of its stance on key issues, from The Budget to Statutory Minimum Wage Rate to Maternity Leave.

When it comes to succession planning, Hung aspires to augment the membership base of young HR practitioner by increased engagement with tertiary institutes through their career office and the Institute’s mentorship programme, to support the development of student members. He continued, “I hope to kickstart an internship programme to provide them with career opportunities.”

“Last but not least, I look forward to joining forces with more government departments and bodies, professional associations, and media partners to advance HR standards,” said Hung.

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Interview with Lawrence Hung, President of the HKIHRM
Learning 29 June, 2022