New Beginnings in the Year of the Ox
President’s Message

Dear Members,

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges for Hong Kong, with COVID-19 impacting the economy, businesses and the job market. Throughout the past year, we as HR professionals have been playing a major role in supporting our organisations under the new normal. From enhancing employee wellness programmes to redesigning working measures, we have been instrumental in maintaining business continuity and preparing our organisations for sustainable growth.

It is part of the Institute’s mission to share independent and balanced views on people issues with policy makers. In December, we were invited by the HKSAR Government to offer our opinions on the 2021- 22 Budget Consultation. We provided views on the importance of supporting and creating industries which leverage the competitive advantage of Hong Kong, mitigating youth unemployment, helping SMEs overcome workplace challenges in the new normal, and promoting talent retention in the SAR. We hope our input can help shape the Government’s formulation of the upcoming budget.

The Institute has had our share of challenges over the past year; yet we believe challenges are opportunities in disguise. 2020 was a year of many “fi rsts” for us, marking the fi rst time we leveraged technology to hold virtual events such that our members could participate in a safe place of their own choosing. These include our fl agship Annual Conference as well as signature events such as the Training & Development Needs Seminar, HR Excellence Awards, and Pay Trend & Benefi ts Seminar.

For the Virtual Annual Conference, entitled “Thriving in the New Normal – People • Culture • Mentality”, a total of more than 500 participants joined us on the two fruitful days of sharing and learning. With around 40 stellar speakers, the event is considered the standard bearer of HR management events across Asia.

Going ahead, we will continue to harness technology to share timely information and best practice in HR with our members. We remain hopeful that COVID-19 can be contained with the emergence of new medical intervention such that we can have some long overdue catch up with friends and acquaintances. 

Let us continue to put our best foot forward in the new normal and keep faith that a healthy and auspicious Year of the Ox awaits us all.

Margaret Cheng

President of the HKIHRM

2021 Q1

New Beginnings in the
Year of the Ox
PR 11 January, 2022