Executive Certificate in Persuasive Presentation and Team Meeting Skills for Business Managers (Webinar)

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Day 1

How to influence others through training and facilitation skills

  • Teaching vs Facilitating
  • Adults learning vs Child learning
  • Four learning styles and 3 senses of learning
  • Benefits of facilitation in business teams

Team facilitation skills (individual practices with work scenarios)

  • Setting ground rules
  • Brainstorming techniques
  • Leading, observing, and questioning skills
  • How to get buy-in from participants
  • Handling difficult behaviours from team members

With various work-related scenarios, they will have a lot of opportunities to practice these skills one by one.

Day 2

Professional Presentation Skills

Each participant has to prepare a presentation topic with a few PowerPoint slides. As they go along, they will modify and improve their work bit by bit as guided by the trainer.

A. Presenting with confidence

  • Overcoming stage fright in presentations and public speaking
  • Essential delivery skills: use of language, non-verbal behaviours – gesture, posture, eye contact, movement, and vocal projection
  • Tips in preparing visual aids

B. Presenting with clarity

  • Structuring the content with logic and clarity
  • Mastering the Pyramid structure, key points, sign posting
  • Answering questions and objecting

C. Presenting with charisma

  • Applying storytelling techniques
  • Using analogies and metaphors
  • Arousing feelings and rapport with pictures

Day 3

Conducting Virtual Meetings

  • Virtual meetings as a new routine at work
  • How to make virtual meetings effective
  • 7 up – 7 technical requirements to master
  • How to present yourself to be most effective

Presentation Clinic

In this assessment of the participant’s learning, each person has to complete both part 1 and part 2 below, and receive verbal and written feedback from the trainer and the class. Their performance will be video-taped for their learning improvement. They will also be able to watch and benchmark with other participants’ performance.

Part 1: Each participant has to assimilate a team meeting scenario at work in which they will facilitate and achieve the desired outcome.

Part 2: Each participant needs to deliver their presentation which they have selected on the previous day. When they finish presenting, they will answer questions from the floor.

To qualify for the course certificate, full programme participants are required to fulfil ALL of the requirements below:

  • Attend all sessions; AND

  • A pass mark in the presentation clinic


18, 19 & 25 July 2022


09:30 – 17:30


Cantonese (with English materials)


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Mr Thomas Liu, Principal Consultant of B & E Training Consultant Ltd

Mr Liu has more than 20 years’ experience in management, customer service, organisational and leadership development. After 13 years working and training with PCCW, he set up his own company and moved on with regional organisational development projects, widening his scope into Asia Pacific. Thomas has worked with more than 100 multi-national corporations in 11 Asian cities, training in English, Cantonese and Putongua. Thomas has a wide spectrum of business industry exposure, and has worked as an English teacher, newspaper journalist and tourist development and a sales professional prior to his training business.

Date & Time
18 July 2022
Start - 09:30
25 July 2022
End - 17:30 Asia/Hong_Kong

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